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How to Have Hamam Bath at Home?

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I reach quite a lot of emails each day with cooperation requests and to about 95% these emails have no added value for me or you. I was all the more delighted when I recently had an email from Jana and Axel in the inbox. The two are not only totally smart, but also run a very cute online shop.

Accordingly, I was first strongly out of the house. And when I got back, I picked out a pestemal, a peeling glove and a hamam shell, got me a massage thing to dumpling at dm and along with the Dr. Bronner's Liquid Soap Lavender in my Shower and my pink tubtrug a small Hamam Home Spa Guide.

But when the package of Jana & Axel arrived, the pestemal made a dash for me. A pestemal is indeed a hand-woven, Turkish cotton cloth, which is wrapped around the hamam visit (men around the pool and women around basin and chest). The Pestemal of the Little Bazar has unfortunately spontaneously so butterweich around my neck that I could not use it in any other way. This could, of course, have to do with the fact that it is 100% organic cotton. Therefore, the post office had to wait a few weeks. But hey.

It was only when my bad conscience had reached its climax that I had wrapped it around the body, gathering together all the stuff I had listed above and going to the bathroom. Traditionally, for the foam production, of course, no liquid soap from Doctor Bronner is used, but Savon Noir. But I was after Lavender. So what?

But you can also try this Hamam bath after a relaxing massage, I personally use massage chairs to massage my whole body and I just love sogno massage chair by Inada. I got it from the site mentioned here so choose your copy from here -->

Hamam home

Hamam PestemalSo it! First, fill the tubtrug (or bucket, or any vessel of your choice) with fairly hot water. I've already added a bit of lavender soap for the scent. Then you grab the bowl and pour your body over with hot water. This makes sense for the pores to open. When you are finished, you grab the glove and begin to exasperate your whole body. (If you like, you can follow the ayurvedic raw silk glove massage or the brush massage.)

This traditional Turkish peeling with the glove is also called "Kese" by the way. When you are done with the peeling, you can pour a round of water again. And then it goes on with the foam. I've tried to show you how I made it:

If you have enough froth, you wring the white thing over your body so that the foam lands on your skin. And so long and so often until you are so pretty allover covered with foam. And last but not least, grab the froth aid aside and massage your foamed body. This soapsa massage is also called "Sabunlama".

Hamam Sabunlama

When you are done, simply fill hot water again in your tub, grab the bowl and remove the remaining foam from the body with another round of water. That's it. Make sure you have enough time to rest and cuddle.

Admittedly, the problem with the hot stone is difficult to implement at home. But all the rest is great fun too. Just try it out.

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